What is Warcat?

What is Warcat?

What is Warcat?

We started Warcat Tactical to make tactical gear and firearms accessories that outperform everything else out there. We're bringing innovative designs and better choices of materials to create a better breed of gear and accessories for improved performance.  

Better Materials. Better Design. Better Performance.  

Although there is a lot of “gear” out there, much of it is just made to be sold. Many tactical companies have the singular goal of selling you, their gear. Warcat Tactical not only believes in making gear but making it better and more accessible. To that end, we don’t select materials because they are cool, we select materials because they are superior. We don’t design things to perform the same as everyone else, we design things to outperform everyone else.   

Warcat Tactical is made for those seeking to incorporate the very best tactical gear into their everyday lifestyle. We shoot, we carry, and like you, we take it seriously. At Warcat Tactical, you'll find retired military, retired and part-time law enforcement, competitive shooters, and training junkies as well as hunters and outdoors enthusiasts. Serious gear for serious people. Full send, full stop.  

From the designers to the production line and from media to customer service, we make the gear we want to carry. Every concept, design, and decision we make is done to further the singular goal: to make the gear we wish we could get. If we wouldn't want it, if we wouldn't trust our lives to it in training or in combat, we don't bother with it. We aren't here to be just another part of the firearms and tactical market; we are here to make gear that redefines the market.  

Warcat Tactical doesn’t want to be your last stop on your quest for proficiency; merely your first. We believe guns and gear are only part of the equation. They're just things. They don't make you better prepared or better trained, merely better equipped. Our mission is to help you make you better. Having the right gear makes it easier for you to train harder. To help you practice and prepare for whatever your mission is.  

We do this not only by providing high-quality gear but to do it in a way that is accessible to all. We want you to train harder, train better, and train with more confidence because you have gear that can take your hardest training and ask for more.  

Warcat Tactical has put the work in upfront to equip you with the tools you need to put in the real work of being prepared for whatever that moment might be for you. We aren't here for "just as good", we're here for better. 

We’re here to help you Dominate Downrange.